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    Our head chef Khomkhai was born in a small town in the North East of Thailand known as the Esan Region, famed for its own unique style of Thai recipes.
    After losing her father at an early age, Khomkhai and her sister helped their mother run her business of selling Thai food for a living.
    These unique skills and recipes were handed down from generation to generation, from Khomkhai’s grandmother to her own mother, who before passing, gave Khomkhai all her knowledge, skills and recipes she needed to create the exquisite cuisine that she does today.
    Having been a major inspiration in her life, this has now inspired Khomkhai to pass on her mother’s recipes and style of cooking to you.
    Not only passionate but also happy in what you do, this will reflect in the end product.
    This has so far certainly been the case with Khomkhai having already gained an excellent reputation for her culinary skills from her time at the Duke of York in Burbage, with many people already eagerly awaiting the opening of her new venture.
    Authentic Thai Cuisine is not only renowned worldwide as being one of the best and most sought-after ever but is fast becoming that way in this country too.
    Like the magical and mystical country of Thailand itself, there are many myths that surround it, too, one of which being that all Thai food is very hot and spicy. That is just a myth. Unlike other cuisines around the world, and in Asia, we never mass-produce food to leave in a pot to re-heat later. All our dishes are individually cooked from scratch, as and when they are ordered. Therefore, if you want it hot, you can have it as hot as you want it. This also applies if you want it milder, too.

    Our aim is to serve you the best possible Thai cuisine from the freshest possible Thai herbs and spices imported direct from Thailand, and also locally sourced ingredients, such as meat, vegetables, fish etc, each dish individually created to most suit the individual who ordered it. We may be a takeaway, but we like to consider our food more gourmet than takeaway.

    So, whether you choose to come and sit in our plush waiting room and watch your meal being prepared by our Thai chefs, or call to have it delivered, we sincerely believe you won’t be disappointed. So why not treat your taste buds to an aromatic culinary explosion of the freshest Thai herbs, spices, leaves, root vegetables and flavours that go into making the one of the most sought after cuisines the world over or in these parts, what is now simply know as Khomkhai Thai Cuisine.

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